Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Have A New Proper Masjid

Just 2 weeks back, I visited Counsel General Republic of Indonesia of Karachi and I was so disappointed to found the praying area was used for Dharmawanita monthly meeting and the meeting area became so narrow, it was a grief for me. I was thinking what do we have now since we don't have a place where our heart attached. I felt I'm no longer with my society, and I just wanted to get lost as soon as my things are done.

This Eid ul adha festivities at CGRI (KJRI) brought me to different angle 180 degree from the previous weeks. I was amazed, happy and proud. My daughter brought me into the inside building, which I don't want to see it again.

Though I went there early before she brought me in. Amazingly Allah tried to show me through my daughter at Dzuhur time, MashaAllah I found something was never expected before. Yes, we have a big proper masjid in our CGRI Building. I wish that I could spend more time there, (*sambil doa, semoga bisa pindah rumah deket KJRI klopun ga bisa keluar dari pakistan...AMIIIN*)

Personally speaking, I'm thanking Allah of sending us a person with pure heart, brilliant, and down to earth, like bapak Rossalis R.Adenan, to the country where many youth from Indonesia studied religion, May Allah protect him and His family whenever and wherever.


Akhlak ialah bunga diri, dapat dilihat oleh mata, dapat dirasa oleh hati, semua orang jatuh hati

Siapa yang berakhlak tinggi kemana pergi orang suka, Ia dihormati, dan diteladani...

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