Friday, September 3, 2010

Just had a good time at consulate

Being far from "tanah air beta", consulate is the most nicest place to visit especially during ramadhan, not only for food but more than that; to meet people, talk in my language full of expressions, care free, and no burdens on kids, everyone is one family, they take care of
one other.

at most of the time, kids just running here and there, ladies sitting and talking, consulars and staffers sat at one table; and Urdu round table belongs to those married to Indonesians ... for us the most peaceful and the safest place in Karachi is our Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia, Life here is so confusing, no guarantee even in Ramadhan that our lives will be saved, just these few days, beginning of last ten days of ramadhan, there were so many people killed by bomb blasts.

One thing that every person couldn't think of, how come this holy month people still killing each other where the other places are still suffering from the devastating floods, no food, no clothes and no certain hope for the next day.

What happened with these people, I shouldn't say this, but they more evil than the devil itself, we all know, the whole month of ramadhan Allah ta'ala has tight up all the satans. and these people has replaced the satans...

what could be done with it now, all I can do is praying to Allah ta'ala to give hidayah to all of us...

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