Monday, July 18, 2005

indonesian meeting in wisma indonesia-khi

Consulate general of republic Indonesia, Karachi.
Today is a special day for Ibu Konjen of Karachi, today she celebrates her return day and also kinda farewell party of her and her husband.

A good thing of meeting indonesian people here in karachi that u can talk in Bahasa Indonesia and also have indonesian food. They also sell some of indonesian food, so I bought tempe, emping, saos pedes, and mie goreng... (hehehe... senengnyeee....)
got kecap manis and rengginang from my friend (makasih tutut...) and took asinan, skotel and rendang from the table (as usual, i did everywhere, we all did hehehe...) kue putri salju castangles, and sponge cake :P~ (berasa pesta sendiri. maap yeeh ga bagi-2...)

right now i m having asinan then skotel (ngiler ga?)

its been 3 days that i eat indonesian food that i brought from last saturday sports day held in Agha Khan University Hospital, next july 23rd there will a sports day for kids too. This events are redarding to Indonesian national day nex 17th August.

i just cant wait to attend "UPACARA" (setelah lulus SMU, kangen juga ternyata sama upacara, masih inget ga yah lagu kebangsaan).

thing is, there's alot of indonesian food... yeah


  1. well...well..banyak bgt ngambil makannya..jd inget diri sendiri klo pas dtg ke pesta hehehe...bu...moga sukses ya dgn kehamilannya...moga dimudahkan..aamiin

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