Monday, September 12, 2005

Being a Mom

It's a wonderful life of being mother, the way you're passing your time and the way you're sleeping at night. it's a blessed gift that you're contiunuously thanking to God.

though it's hard for you to bend, or completely unable to wake up, so you need your husband to lift you up, but It's more like pleasure moments that everywomen wanted. Or even when the baby kicks you, He/She jumps arround, makes some acrobatic movements that make you feel the pain, you won't take it as torture, moreover you'll feel lonely when He/She fall to sleep in His/Her royal bed.

Long periode of pragnancy, seems to be short episode of our life. and it's just the truth when you see yor baby's face.

Still few months to go for me, but I'm so excited that I couldnt wait to see him/her. What's on my mind is only about him/her. Oneday my husband tried to describe his/her face, He imagined that the baby would have face like him with my eyes... hmm obviously without beard :)

Along with it I more conscious about my foods cos I have little problem with my weight. I keep discussing with some friends who have good experiences, so many things that I can learn from them. This periode is so depressed, there's so many things that I have to prepare, Discussing with positive friends and doctor is a must. I keep my self busy though sometimes I felt bore. But Alhamdulillah I have such a good husband.

Still 3 months to go... it will takes more attention, as I will feel more get tired on my back along with increasing my weight, I hope. Most important thing is the baby's weight should be according to the normal baby (whether it's pakistani baby's weight or Indonesian :> ). I read in some articles, that a baby with underweight will have low IQ... I pray to Allah that the baby will have good personalities as good as intelligencies.


  1. Hi titi...
    ini Rara... dah b'rapa lama di karachi ti..?? ini anak pertama ya ti ?? aku doain... semoga kamu and baby selalu sehat and dalam lindungan Allah Subhana Wata'alla... gimana betah di karachi..?? ini email ku.. nice to know about U, salam buat ibu2 yang lain di karachi ya!! specialy Bu Lies, Bu Poniman, Reni, Kiran, Tutut, Lilies,Noni...aduh buat semuanya dech hehe....


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