Sunday, July 10, 2005

a courage to write!

whatta tittle??? the only way to figure it out is to keep ur window open not only that but also read it.

Its been along time i wanted to show my feeling how being far from homeland,which i never dreamt before. though so many times i went out with my friends traveling out of the city, for few days. yeah! that the key, OUT OF CITY and FEW DAYS.

The thing is now i'm out of country not only few days.

can't say the hardest thing in my life, cos this is only one episode in one long drama, which i would understand when life turned off.
Keeping memories about jakarta become my favorite pleasure, in a very first day, i wasn't really missing much about all the thing from indonesia, then come the second month, third and so on, start missing my family one by one, my cute nieces Aisha and Amirah, then my idols Bapak and Ibu.

i admitted that far from home is not that easy, mostly when u live with a new persons who u never really know before, seemed to be like "English man in New york" (changed tittle "Jakarta girl in Karachi") good thing about that english man is he can understand whole conversation cos american also speak the same. My case is very different, i dont even have any idea what were they saying. this makes me down and feels more lonely. God knows how i felt whole day. days r so worst and nights r a nightmare, and the only good time is when i sleep, cos thru the dream i talk in bahasa, and meet all my family and friends. i'm not trying to exaggerated but for few days i found my self cried while sleeping... hoooo how bad... but that's true and now i have courages to write it up on this blog.

Now, when days go by, and life has turn to be easy, i ajusted very quickly (i hope...) its my 6th month here, and also forth month of my pregnancy. now i m just enjoying my days of becoming mother soon. being a good wife trying and trying, couldn't stop of trying cos every day is a new day that we never predict how to solve it. And anyhow... i have one day every month to meet indonesian women at KJRI, i can talk in bahasa and also eat indonesian food.

see.. missing family is something but to make it up is a good thing....

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