Monday, December 20, 2010

To all moms all over the world

Today I received an invitation letter from CGRI in Karachi for the Indonesian Mother's day celebration on upcoming Wednesday... (with it I came to know that Indonesian mother's day has reached its 82nd anniversary), anyway... I wish happy mother's day to all mothers (even to mother of my mother's mother who was born way before Indonesian mother's day was formed)

But on the other side, I got the news from my sister in law who lives next to our apartment, one of her neighbor' geyser got burnt and caused a fire, 2 kids dead (a baby instantly died and the bigger one died on way to hospital), and the mother became unconscious by the smoke... I was literally cried to hear when to know kids were holding each other... the time when it happened the mother was on the phone where both the kids played together... It so sad to hear that. me, My self is a mother of two, sometimes feels frustrated to face two kids, but most the time I spent great time with them, I know how she felt losing her babies, where it happened when we wasn't aware dangerous are everywhere.

To all moms, these massages are for us

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  1. Selamat hari ibu buat mba titi :*
    sedih bacanya mba, semoga kita semua selalu dilindungi oleh ALLAH SWT, amin.

    btw, happy birthday buat para krucil n happy anniv buat mba n suami, barakalah ♥