Monday, July 26, 2010

To our beloved friend, we miss you

That night was the saddest day in our memories since we got married, We just landed at Jinnah international airport in Karachi from Jakarta, it was very late at night, Hubby met one of the consulate staff, he confirmed that "pak Noto" has resigned from his post at Indonesian Consulate in Karachi, we were sorry we couldn't meet Pak Noto because from him we know that Pak Noto has back to Jakarta for good, for this we are happy for him, but so unfortunately we didn't have chances to meet him, in Karachi nor in Jakarta.

Pak Noto was the most closest staff to us, the most helpful, and the most friendly. I know we will never get better person to replace him, He's most friendly staff we ever know, in every functions that consulate held he always met us face to face, said salam, from the high class crowds to the "low grade" people. And to us, he is like a protector, whenever and wherever, when there were security problems in the city, he is the alarm's bell, he will make sure that we are stay away from the unsafety place, he will call us or at least a text will be sent to our mobile numbers... He is the only person that we can counted on for the information related to citizenship.

My heart is broken (so does with my hubby), when I know, there was "not even farewell party", no appreciations, no announcement to us about he's leaving... i'm not sure how long he has been working at consulate in Karachi, but i'm sure it's more than 18 years he spent his life here, my stay in karachi is less than 6 years but I have so much respects to Pak Noto more than anyone at consulate, one time we went to visit my family in jakarta, there was a problems in Jinnah International airport in karachi, Immigrations stopped us and took our son's documents, there was a problem about my son's no visa to indonesia, just a chit in last page written in bahasa indonesia that he is indonesian nationality who required no visa to enter indonesia...
Me and my husband tried to convinced pakistan immigration that it will be our responsibility if something happen in the following days, we also took Pak Noto's name as a guarantee, we give them the consulate's telephone number if they don't believe... but alhamdulillah they released all the documents...

We just can't believe, there was no farewell party given to him, at least, at least inform us that he was about to leave us... for us he is like our relative, he is our brother, uncle, father, to be honoured to what ever he has done to us...

I believe, we who lives in karachi missed him a lot, and and feel guilty that we didn't honour him like he deserves.

Our pray for you Pak Noto, May Allah rewards you to all things you have done to us, May Allah showers you and family with His Blesses.

PS: Pak Noto has been worked for General Consulate of Republic of Indonesia in karachi since it moved to the current premises some 18 years back, He is Indonesian who has big heart to understand the culture of Pakistan, while keeping his moral heritages Indonesia

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