Sunday, June 6, 2010

something is better than nothing

There is "something better than nothing" it's applied in term of "baris:rains", (i'm talking about here in Pakistan) even though rains always gave trouble to the city but one-two days of raining is a fascinating moments to celebrate, people would love to feel the first few drops on their bodies, they said its cure the rashes caused by the hot weather, and won't make us get sick... meanwhile in our says (pribumi), never take a bath from the first drops of rains cos it will drop you by the cold... i wonder how it happened, one thing caused different effects...

But interesting part of this people celebrate the pouring rains are the way they wait and wait till the first drop came and most of people will go out from the house, play under the pouring rains, play with the puddle, and end up with bunch of pakoras.... watching news on floods in some areas... how deep was the water, and tragic, how many people got killed from electric shocks...

It is something better than nothing, but if only government knows well how to manage the country... everybody will enjoy pakoras without crying watching many people lost their family... May Allah forgives our sins... ameen

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