Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pakistan banned facebook and youtube in respond of draw Muhammad day

It's been along time for myself to dis-attached from facebook... first attempt was to personalize my wall, limitation on giving comments, and in the end hide most of news feed from home page... and its really works. Initially i was really bugged with some news which are really private, some friends put up as status... well, those are their business but for myself why should i know each and every thing, the whole day updating my head with it. It's good to keep facebook alive but just to keep contact with all friends... till that time i was only use it for chatting

Meanwhile, both my children occupy my white laptop to watch their favorite poems and cartoons ... My second baby likes to eat while watching a poem, it's a relief to me because I don't have to run after him while feeding him

News is that pakistan banned these 2 top sites, I used most of the time, as a respond of draw muhammad day... as a muslim i support this policy and action... we muslim are 45% of facebook user. this campaign is make us angry... its less about freedom of speech, and has nothing to do with it, it's more to disturb the muslim community

Alhamdulillah, Thanks to high court Pakistan has announced it, it saved us from this fitnah of this era, although we can't stop those people to join but this policy stop us from even to see it...

I hope other muslim country will follow pakistan to banned this campaign

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