Tuesday, December 9, 2003

is it the fragrance of heaven...?

This is memorable moment in my live. one sweet memories when i was in highschool, time with nice friends... where r u guys now?? miss u sooo much. i miss when we colaborated in some da'wah activities in school, we all make our moves, the spirit that i m missing now :(

Triana... i miss ya gal... ups u r a mom now... remember when have inaugration of RISMA 99, we made it gal... but one of our friend got unconscious cos she very tired had 2 days without rest, we both and other friend carried her... she was very heavy, wasnt she ?=D... but then u became so weak and got unconscious too =(....

arrived at ur home, one of ulema of ur area helped u, and blow some winds from his mouth... MasyaAllah... i smelled fragrances all over the room... and the air became so cold. i shivered...even when i remember the fragrance of the wind... can u tell me what was that????.... Is It the Fragrance of Heaven? i bet it was a small part of heaven's fragrances...

if whole people see the heaven... we would never stop pray and keep doing the good deeds...asking to Allah to grant us Jannah.... subhanaAllah.... Hope we enter Allah's Jannah cos of His mercies

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