Thursday, December 11, 2003


i use to offer my maghrib prayer near bus station... in the mosque of police building ... i think its more safety than in the bus station...

but what have they done to me... yesterday they detained my bag, wht the hell is this? they must think i m terrorist cos i wear hejab... good that they didnt touch me to make sure i m clear from "BOOMS".... c'mon i m entered House of Allah, which that is more secured place in any where, the place where we r guaranteed that we'll be save in point is.... they treat me as terrorist, with suspicion just b'cos my cloths...

finished with my prayer, i took my bag and ask their permission to check my stuff and said to them.... "Let me check my bag... whether i lost something in it" and showed my suspicious face

they just smiled

Never judge the book by its cover

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