Saturday, January 15, 2011

Compliments and praises!!

I had this idea to write up about compliment, because I felt the side effect to my days ...

Last night I had a chat with an old colleague from where I was working for a Magazine as graphic designer. surprisingly we were only met like once or twice a week in a meeting, but he remember me vividly (or it was recalled by facebook page)... actually all colleagues were like a family member to each other...

I was kind a surprised when I got a compliment as "wanita yang hebat" because I never feel that way. Being a lady of the house with monotonous live, that compliment was flying me high to the seventh sky.

So I think I have to write it up to share with you people how a compliment can boast your energy to start a new day.

A compliment indeed gives strength to personality, bring self esteem and self appreciations. In a life-partner-hood where sometimes days passed just as it is, even when spouses were both felt comforts to each other, or have no issues in communication, a compliment is needed, praising each other and showing gratitude to what spouse have done to us... when you see people was like a damned robot, you can feel that this person need to be praise and to put him/her back again to a normal human being... (it happened to a house wife like me... heheh)

And look at your kids, praise that you give to them when they have done a good thing bring out their confidence, For kids, telling what will they get if they did a good job they will accept it, instead of cursed them and threatened them, praising them and promising a reward make them do your works were done voluntary... (this thing I just started as I promise my self to keep my head cool).

Although compliments and praises needed but it is not so healthy to show off to get compliments and praises... I am 100% sure it won't boast your inner side to glow but it just giving you a headache and make up something new to get it more and more... so lets just give compliments and praises without demanding it, cause it feels more excited when we never expect it.

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