Wednesday, April 25, 2007

it's been morethan 1 year

Yes It's been morethan a year i have stopped touching my blog... No times for it, well my time seemed only for my baby, and big baby. Just reading my last post, that was 13 Jan... wow... amazing... i couldnt even sleep in my early days of blogging.

Actually so many times my hubby reminds me to update my blog... but just couldnt get time for it, he told me so many people he knows visited my blog ... as I never put sitemeter on my blog so no results of visitor... no worries still i m writing though no body will read it, just love to write... which i "left" it for my baby's "rights"....

I ve learnt so many things in life since i moved here... so many things which Thanks God for sure i never regret.

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