Thursday, December 15, 2005

First Anniversary

Really eager to write up about our First wedding anniversary at December 1st. But just couldnt get time to write it up, busy preparing all stuffs and mental for our First baby...

For My Hubby and Me...
Happy first anniversary
May Allah always blesses our marriage
Pouring us with His love
having sakinah mawaddah warrahmah family

I would never forget
time we met on airport, 28 November 2004.
our nikah day, First December 2004
Our wedding reception in Jakarta, 5th December 2004
Our honeymoon in KL, tweenty First-25th December 2004
My First day in Karachi, 25th December 2004
Our Walimah in Karachi, 23rd January 2005
And This First wedding Anniversary, First December 2005
And coming soon our First baby, (InshaAllah this December)

May Allah be with our family always

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