Thursday, September 29, 2005

What makes you think "I'm in Love"

Do you really believe in Love? or you just pretend of being in love. Have you ever love someone so deep, so you cant even far from him/her even a second.

Believe me, I do believe in love, I cant even live without it.

When I lost it, I couldnt let it go, its not in my eyes but it keeps in my heart.

frankly, its true to say, that even you lost it you never really really lost it, its just hidden from your eyes but actually its in your heart. That is love.

So what makes you think "I'm in Love"

for me, what makes me think "I'm in Love" is What my heart says "I'm in Love"


Like my heart says "I'm in Love with my Hubby"
Like my heart tells "I want to be with him forever"
Like Your heart comments on my Love... "how lucky this guy"


1 comment:

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