Monday, April 4, 2005

To All Man
(Tidak semua laki-laki)

Today... i online very early and i found my old friend... we met in forum, so glad and exciting, cos now she got one of her obsessions... not much we talked, i realized i shouldnt much ask abt personal.

I entered her heart and asked her abt her destination, where she would tied up her heart. then she proudly said
+ "I dont need Man"

+ "They all just want to have a beatiful and rich wife... and I'm NOT that one"

+ "I always live in poverty"

+ "I always met these kind of men"

+ "soulmate is not only in here"

+ "I intend to not get married"

+ "I'm not depending on man"

+ "I only need Allah"

and these are the question for men...

+ "Is it right that man look for beautful and rich girl?"

+ "When women asked for equality then men also do the same... isn't it?"

Note: I depressly talked to her...Cos Everytime I try to convince her ... her reply always "I insist with my principle"....please make du'a for her... May Allah Guide her... Amiin.

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  1. hp temen mr yg di karachi udah uda kirim melalui mess ofline di YM.