Thursday, January 22, 2004


Yasterday NCR and PKS (Justice and prosperous Party) was held an NasyeedS and poems on concert with the title ‘ TOGETHER SET THE JUSTICE’ supported by GLOBALMEDIA, QZONE, HANIF, INSIGHT, SAKSI, SABILI, ANNIDA, TARBIYAH, And RASfm Radio.

there was started by Marawis, its known as Arabic traditional music with duffs. second performance is… the most energic young muslims ‘Izzatul Islam’ led by brother Afwan, all the audiences was so enthusiastic, and shouting the Takbir. Tennis square was fulfilled by the Justice troops who ready to set Indonesia back to Prosperity. We’ll build new Indonesia with intellectual young muslims in the first line, We’re not Politic Party, but we ‘dakwah party’ victory of islam is the goal.

one by one, all nasheed groups sent us their justice messages thru the nasheed. GRADASI with the Funny fat guy I dunno his name, SHOUTUL HAROKAH from ‘Paris Van Java’ Bandung, MElODI ISLAM with nasheed from their album, continued with the THEATER KANVAS directed by ZAK SORGA conveyed about Leadership thru pantomime…(ssssttt… my classmate when I was in junior highschool is one of the player)… at the end, ARRUHUL JADID as the most wanted munsheed group by the Justice Troops ‘rocked’ the stage with their awe-inspiring nasheed, fantastic performance… well done guys.. and keep up the spirit alive… MashaAllah. and one big surprise is… performance of kang YANA YULIO who sang two religious pop music… the gossip is he will make nasheed album, to kang YANA…’ Nuhun kang… abdi nteu apal laguna akang, suara akang bagus eeuy!!!

for more information abt justice troops u can click here and learn about us… with Allah’s help lets make new Indonesia. election is coming near… make up ur mind, see wht recent government about their promises in last election, they lied to us…

empat kali empat samadengan enambelas… Tusuk PKS nomor enam belas

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