Monday, December 22, 2003

Rasoolullah's robe

In Madinah, there was lot of munafeequn, those people who convert to islam for not real, fact that they hate islam. the most popular munafeequn is Abdullah bin ubay bin salul. He was the most dangerous one, we had made up stories among anshar people that almost start the war between khazraj tribe and Aus tribe which had united under the flag of islam.

One day Abdullah bin ubay got sick, his son "abdullah" came over Rasoolullah Muhammad SAW, he's known as true muslim and very different from his father 180 degree.

He said to Rosulullah SAW, “O' Rosoolullah, my father sick, I think his death's near. he told me to ask you to visit him. And Rasoolullah SAW agreed.

seen this, Omar ibnu Khatab sullened, he Upset heard Rosoolullah had accepted abdullah's request.

Then Rosoolullah wear the most beautiful robe he had, to respect Abdullah bin ubay, then rasoolullah and umar ibnu khatab arrived at abdullah bin ubay's house. Abdullah bin ubay seems so frightened, worried abt his bad deeds all his live to muslim and islam, he hold Rosoolullah's robe so tight and said " O Rasoolullah please cover my body with ur robe, please give it to me so i can die covered by ur robe..."

omar ibnu khatab got mad, but Rosoolullah keep show his highest nobles, then he put off his robe and cover abdullah bin ubay with his own robe. Abdullah's getting calm think that his sins had been forgiven by Allah. abdullah bin ubay died.

Then Omar ibnu khatab says to Rosoolullah

“why you had give ur robe to abdullah, like he was ur lover, meanwhile he was ur foe. Rosoolullah replied him and show his smile,

"Abdullah s the one who hate me, i m not even hate him"

“ya... u treat him too good, u even gave him ur robe, whereas the other sahabah would not get this chance to die covered by ur robe,

“O' Omar please don’t be in narrow minded, can i not treat him nice just a second before he had the eternal torment, he wouldn't be saved from hellfire by my robe, my robe couldn't save anyone from hell, but only their eeman and their good deeds.”

what we got here??,

fulfill last request of someone who dying even he hate you all his life,

show the highest respect to other people with the best u can give…even they hate you,

treat someone nicely… though they had treat u bad

anyone could be hate you… just don’t hate them

don’t be narrow minded…. think that only eeman and good deeds can bring eternal happiness

can we???... why we always make excuses “We are not Rosool” why not think “We learn from Rasoolullah”

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