Thursday, November 13, 2003

On the Phone

What would we say? when Friend asked us whether she'd allowed go to cinema during the Holly month, *wondering'*.... emptybrained... lost words... locked lips... from A to Z but we only have one which is ..."eeeeeeee...."

this brain worked so fast and got dizzy to find the gentle words, this feeling told to not harm her and this conciousness brought sensable anwers

one by one words came up.... u r good girl my sista!... how abt him... d ya know him well? hows his manner?

she addored him..he's a good guy... and quite relligious

this lips said "will u start something good?"

and she replied "yes we do..."

and thru this phone was heard just like this...

you are good

he is good

and both of you want have good goal

then why not start with good


it means.... cinema is not good place to reach a good goal

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