Monday, November 10, 2003

I write what i read....

during this holy month, instead reading qura'an i also read a book... i m very much voracious in reading a history mostly abt history of islam and sahabah of rosul then novel or other western book. this book of the month is "fadilah amal" translated from urdu language... my bro said its book of jamath.... whatever... anyway what's wrong in readin'... fact i read many islamic book from many groups... all are same... islam is like one big house with many chambers and i bet Arrosul will come to each chamber... the chamber which praise Allah and His rasool.

i love this book full of hikmah, lotta story abt sahabah... how they much concernt abt their 'ibadah, how they affraid and love Allah and His Rasool, how they much excited too die for islam, such anas bin Nadhar.... he martyred in the battle with 80 wound and only his sister recognized him by his finger... MashaAllah i m shiver when i read this, or the most famous black muslim which had great voice to perform Adzan he's bilal bin rabah... he was a slave, he was tortured by kafereen by mean way... he's burnt under the hottest dessert on the big stone they oppresed him, to make him leave the monotheism religion, but he kept uttering one word and its "Ahad...Ahad... Ahad" when prophet see this he said.... o billal be patient to this and Allah will help u.... oneday prophet had a dream (i seek Allah's forgiveness if i got wrong in sentence) that he heard the step of Bilal sandals though bilal still far from jannah and prophet asked "what makes u so special?" fact, billal keep his wodhoo thru his live... subhanaAllah...

Sahabah Hudzaifah ran out from his bad while he gathered with her wife when he heard muslim lost in the battle of Uhud, he took his sword and join the battle and he got martyred.... he just got married but he sincered to die for islam, he left his happiness, he died without doing janabat.... prophet said... i saw angels showered him and prophet smilled... Allahu Akbar

what d ya feel when u read this.... crying to ourselves

there are many stories of sahabah in this book... but how the writter express is impressed me... make me feel guilty of my deeds...

I love to cry

but i never sad

let this eyes blind with the tears

let this nose clogged up with no breath

let me drawned in sea of divinity

I love to shiver

cos I affraid of my God

cos I worried of my Deeds

cos I will meet my Beloved One

I love Dark

so Only Islam lights me

I love to be prisoned

so Only Allah will rescue me

I love being Deaf

so only Qur'an whisperes me

I love being fool

so Only Arrosool teaches me

I love to die

and its only as shahidah

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