Thursday, November 6, 2003

Hmm today I’ve my qiamul lail at ramadhan (called tarawee) with family, our company didn’t give special work hour to us during our ramadhan, so I often missed my tarawee with family.. people says Indonesia as the biggest muslim population after Pakistan… but economic live never care abt religion scope… they think by decrease work hour will make them lost their profit gain… see this is why Allah didn’t yet finish economic crisis in Indonesia…They thiiiink… They authorized to their own rizk… and its effecting my live… I should be home b4 my iftar.. and its only dream during my weekdays.. sometimes I sneak out 30 mint b4 work hour so I can get home earlier… irresponsible action… but what should I do… they oppressed me.

This night my brother in law as the imam of salah and give some “lecture” abt bee’s, as usual I didn’t pay attention properly… but I always have much questions to asked… he told us abt bee’s live and how muslims similar to bees community, and he mentioned abt live repetition…. Wow this the point. Yeah history is always repeated… Islam came as stranger and will appears again as stranger… and how lucky is the strangers… sound like nasheed Ghuraba… first Arabic nasheed I heard since I learn islam well…*well?* at least since I started wearing hejab.

Hiks..hiks..hiks… now we live in one periode that Arrasool said which is Mulkan jabariyah periode.. one periode dominated by mean dictator unmannerly and unhumanly *Astaghfirullah* I seek Allah guidance…

In my own word.. arrasool said… has come to you prophetic periode (nubuwah) among you –As Allah’s wills- then this periode is lifted up by Allah till it disappears. Then will come upon you, the khilafah periode which as per manhaj of nubuwah and would still be there as Allah wants. Then will come upon you the repressive domination periode (mulkan adhan) as Allah wants, and that periode will be disappear. Then come next periode the mulkan jabariyan (unhumanly dictator) as Allah wants. Then that periode will disappear as Allah wants. And will come again the Khilafah periode with manhaj of nubuwah… And now now I m waiting khilafatul islamiyah which Allah has prescribed to us… and I believe it will be come true… whether in my time or next generation.. what I m doing now is preparing my self so I can give my live to build the promises periode…

One gr8 malaysian nasheed… abt the choosen.. the promised leader… Imam Mahdi I guess but I dunno the title

Sejak dahulu suara itu dari lidah rosul kekasih Ilahi memberi tahu tugas insani dimana jua mereka ada

meretas laut gunung dan bukit menurun lurah hingga ke lembah sampai nya ia dibumi hijau disini tempat orang tiwuh disini tempat orang tiwuh….

Berita gembira agama yang soleh marilah kita perjuangkannya … islam muliakan lah dimana juga kita berada

Dimasa kini akhir jaman dunia pun sudah banyak noda

Namun islam tetap kan gemilang kerana kini hampir masanya..

Berita gembira agama yang soleh marilah kita perjuangkannya agung kan islam muliakan nya dimana jua kita berada …

tinggal hanya menantikan masa datangnya seorang khalifah ditunggu mengharumkan islam kembali agar murni hidup umat insani.

Hope thru this internet we’ll have back our noboundaries muslim society… la sharqiyah la gharbiyah islamiyah…islamiyah… nemore nationalisme, caste nor sect in islam… wht will be is one khilafatul islamiyah.. inshaAllah…. Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. I m to emotional in waiting this periode

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