Sunday, November 2, 2003

Book Riview: Jangan Nodai cinta

Yesterday i was joining book discussion held by prima bimantara. was a gr8 review showed by young speaker "ustadz Syahrul Syah", hilarious speaker with many expression during his speech... anyway i was late got there cos defi's bike got spiked so we have to walk across the street to find "tukang tambal ban" to change the back tire... one next happend was... her bike machine was stopped whilst the traffic light was red... oh my god... watta experience!!!...

lets back to the book review, book review of this month is "Jangan Nodai Cinta".... anyway what is love we called all this time.... i didnt noticed the review properly... just discussed with friends abt love is and abt our love, thts all, but i realize, who can give us the real love?... boyfriend?... boss?... money?... mostly we asked their love but we never know, whether they really loves us or no. is it love when we too much asking? the answer is no... after all i ve searched the meaning of true love. still i didnt find the most true love than Allah's love, Arrosul's love and Parent's love.... they give us love, never asking too much, just giving and giving, the key to get their love is "obedience".....

My love is my obedience

One day if i have to give my love

i will only give my obedience

one day if i have to give my love

it will only for you who love Allah and His messenger

one day if we love each other

it will only love for obedience to Allah

one day if i have to end my love

i only want to end with you

so i can be ur angel in jannah

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