Saturday, November 15, 2008

Went to the moon, and back

feel like just back again to earth after landed in the moon... that's what i feel about four months in a place where i use to play and sleep, laugh and cry, etc.

The place i called as earth before now i seen it as a moon, good to see but i cant stay for long. I have my earth now where my husband and son live and where my feet stand on, but... moon is always as bright as it is when night comes...

Allah has really had arranged it for my small family smoothly, none of us can deny it... just few week after returning to drop us to jakarta my hubby got a call for interview in dubai in PR Agency, which mean he has to live there. Lucky me, Alhamdulillah me and Muhammad already in Jakarta, so we didnt feel lonely. Next few weeks I found my grandfather from mother side passed away (May Allah granted him Jannah), i was very close to him when i was a kid... we called him "mbah Ngok" cos he always kissed us and made "Ngok" sounds. this thing makes me more realize that how lucky i was, visiting jakarta in a very right moment, during my pregnancy... everything was so fascinating, even muhammad enjoyed alot, he went to school my sister runs, he learnt "bahasa" and learn how to socialize. He learnt so many thing

He went to mosque with my parent, he read Al-fatihah and so many dua other than dua i tought him everynight.

More things he learnt about life which i could never ever do it here, like playing with real animal like ducklings, chicks, rabbit and fish. He understand how is life, how thing grows, how things live and die. Oneday my mother bought him and his cousin 2 ducklings, everything was working so normal with brief explanation how to take care a duckling, next day in a very sunny day i was talking in the phone and muhammad playing with duckling... suddenly he ran to me and telling me that the duckling is sleeping, crossed in my mind the duckling must have died... and its really happened, Oooouh... i dunno what to do, laugh or cry... but for sure Muhammad learnt something...

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